raptros’s top 11 albums of 2013

well Aaron J Clarius (@graaaaaagh) challenged me to come up with my own top albums list for 2013. this turned out to be difficult, because 2013 had a lot of great metal releases, but i’ve come up with 11 albums that after having given them enough listening time to compare to the rest of the year, make it to the top. additionally, I’ve included a list of 13 runners-up – albums that didn’t make the cut, and albums that might have made the cut if i’d had more time to listen to them.

in no particular order, and without any explanation

  • Soilwork – The Living Infinite
  • Extol – Extol
  • Rivers of Nihil – The Conscious Seeds of Light
  • The Ocean – Pelagial
  • Rannoch – Between Two Worlds
  • Gorguts – Colored Sands
  • Disfiguring the Goddess – Deprive and Black Earth Child (clearly, the separate releases was just a troll – they came out on the same day, they form a double album)

  • Wormed – Exodromos
  • Pathology – Lords of Rephaim
  • Fallujah – Nomadic
  • Black Crown Initiate – Song of the Crippled Bull

below: 13 honorable mention, again without order or explanation (some of these would have had made the cut if i’d had more time to listen to them)

  • Last Chance to Reason – Level 3
  • Havok – Unnatural Selection
  • Living Sacrifice – Ghost Thief
  • The Monolith Deathcult – Tetragrammaton
  • Ovid’s Withering – Scryers of the Ibis
  • Byzantine – Byzantine
  • Tesseract – Altered States
  • In Vain – Ænigma
  • Exhale – When Worlds Collide
  • Circles – Infinitas
  • Uneven Structure – 8
  • Leprous – Coal
  • Persefone – Spiritual Migration

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